Teacup Tornadoes Agility Club

"Small, Skilled, and Speedy"


TDAA, UKC and NADAC equipment

Most people don’t realize that agility equipment can be made easily and inexpensively at home, with basic hand tools. Power tools, of course, make it go a lot faster. The following equipment, made by a club member, can be ordered, but keep an eye on the calendar of events for periodical equipment building workshops. Since our club member compete in multiple venues, we will endeavor to build a variety of equipment.




Standard 12' practice Teeter, using a pvc base kit and a painted 2"X12" board. The board was sanded for a non-slip surface.





TheTDAA table is 34" square with a pvc riser. All the materails are readily available at a local home improvement store. The surface is sanded for a better grip.






The TDAA A-frame is a more massive undertaking made from 6'8 long by 30"wide plywood on a reinforced wooden frame. The ramps are slatted and sanded for a better grip, and the height is adjustable using the two chains underneath.